Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Great things are happening at RM Coco, a leading decorative fabric and window covering resource. The company is on a growth spurt with the recent acquisition of Wesco Fabrics. The image above is their headquarters in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Kathy Greaser, a long time Wesco Fabrics' employee, checks out new RM Coco sample books. Kathy is excited about attending their national sales meeting week with Ray Decker, Pam Lampe, Lori Conway, Steve Beard and Judi Kovac.

RM Coco will share the Wesco Fabrics' Denver showroom at the Denver Design District, expanding and keeping the current offerings. Judi, the showroom manager, socializes with Denver designers. 
Coco Luxe is their luxury focused line of exclusive high-end fabrics for window coverings, upholstery, & bedding.

Coco Allure features luxury fabrics geared primarily for upholstery.

Coco Colors is a color coordinated collection of multi-use fabrics featuring fresh and fun colors. Other collections include Coco Classics,  Coco Allure Boutique, and Coco Suites. Next season will be totally exciting with new fabrics sourced from the world's best textile mills, outdoor and designer exclusives.

RM Coco's custom workroom fabricates designer quality draperies, shades, top treatments, pillows and bedding. They work with customer's own material as well!

Custom hardware is very important to RM Coco. They are one of the largest distributors in the U.S. for Paris Texas and Finial Hardware.

We can't wait to see all the new fabrics to be shown at their National Sales Meeting!
RM Coco
1389 Southern Expressway
P.O. Box1270
Cape Girardeau, MO 63702-1270

Images: RM Coco, Dick Gentry

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


 We have some exciting news to share with all of you! RM Coco, an international decorative fabric & window covering company, based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, has acquired Wesco Fabrics. Marla and Dick Gentry felt the time was right to pass the baton to new and dynamic ownership. Most of our staff, sales team, beautiful products. and our Denver Design District showroom will remain intact.
Dick & Marla are shown above introducing the RM Coco management team to the Wesco Fabrics' employees.

 Mike Carr, President of RM Coco, talks about the acquisition and his company to the Wesco Fabrics' employees. On Mike's left is his partner and brother, Steve Carr. Lisa Mills, in black, is their CFO. Next to her is Heath Watson, RM Coco's National Sales Manager.

 Mike Carr brought his team from Cape Girardeau to help plan a smooth transition. This is an exciting time for RM Coco and Wesco Fabrics!

Heath Watson, RM Coco's national Sales Manager, met our sales and showroom staff.

For Marla and Dick this is a bittersweet moment, as all company sales are, but we could not have found a better company to carry on our name and legacy to move forward in the years ahead. Stayed tuned as we continue on this journey of excellence.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


 There are oodles of cellphone apps for our iPhones and Android phones, but here are a number of must-have apps for 2017. What's on your phone?

Marla loves her WAZE app and uses it almost every day on the way to and home from work. When traffic is a mess, it offers options to get to where you need to go fast! In SanFranncisco Waze warned us of a "pothole ahead" before I drove into it and had a flat tire!

WebMD is a great app for diagnosing ailments, researching medical information, and instructions for dealing with emergencies and so much more!

There are many weather apps, but Weather Underground is my favorite for accuracy locally or around the world.

Flipboard is a great app for building your own social media magazine to keep up with all your personal interests. Love politics, photography, or puppies? Build your Flipboard with all your favorites.

Huffington Post is my daily go to site for politics, style, travel, and lifestyle news. A bit left-leaning, but very comprehensive and fact-based journalism. A favorite of mine.

I click on my BBC News app for world news. Their coverage is amazingly broad and features regions that don't receive much attention in the U.S.

This is a free app to improve your photography.

Spotify is a free music streaming site to hear your favorite artist and discover new music. On their free service you may get ads between songs, but the features are still pretty cool.

Slacker Radio is another well-regarded music app.

Downcast is a very good podcast downloader. Small cost at $2.99. Take your favorite podcast with you wherever you go.

Yelp is a really handy app for searching for restaurants and services in your area. Favorites are listed along with reviews.

After you have selected the restaurant you want to try, click on OpenTable to complete your reservation. You acquire points with each reservation to then use for a credit. It can add up pretty fast.

You have your dinner reservation and you are in the mood for a glass or two. Don't risk driving. Take Uber or Lyft to your destination. Have fun!

Cyclemeter receives very high marks for tracking, maps, & recording your rides. There is a free version but for $9.95 you can get all the bells and whistles. There is even a feature for indoor cycling on a stationary bike. iPhone only at this point.

Mint is one of the best personal finance managers with spreads sheets on your expenditures and budgets.

I hope you try some of these apps on your phone. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


2017 will be unlike any year we have experienced for a long time! New trends are percolating and are beginning to be seen. I'll share some trends we'll see for the home and in fashion. One business trend I am hearing talked about is "Self-Care" time.  This is separate from "sick leave" and is a day or two throughout the year to rejuvenate. Think spa time, a long bath to decompress, and playing like a young child again,...if only for a day! Hold on tight as 2017 has begun with a bang! 

200,000 techies and electronic executives attended the gigantic CES Show in Las Vegas. At the Consumer Electronics Show, TV's are always the biggest news! Everyone is talking about the new OLED TV from LG which attaches to the wall and is thinner than an iPhone! The resolution and clarity is amazing!

This shot shows how thin the TV actually is. The protruding box contains speakers and the receiver.

The industry is also talking about Samsung's "Lifestyle TV." The TV looks like a picture frame and never turns off! When the TV is not on the screen may show a still image, or a video, etc.

Digital assistants will be more popular than ever! The AI-powered (artificial intelligent) personal assistant called "Google Home" and the Amazon Echo with Alexa appear to be leading the pack. You can ask them to play a particular type of music, ask for news updates, and even ask for the name and address of the nearest Italian restaurant! This just the beginning of AI in the home, and Google is a leader in this arena!

Color forecasters launched their 2017 home furnishing predictions, and it is always interesting to see what "sticks" in the marketplace! Pantone and Benjamin Moore are leaders in the interior color forecasting area, but I also enjoy seeing what "Design Options" presents for the year ahead. "DO" predicts more color while others are seeing more whites, often combined with blues.

Texture is a strong 2017 trend. Love the Abaca bed from Bernhardt! It goes so well with taupes and grays!

Healthy eating will be front and center for 2017. Restaurants will offer more healthy options and portion control as well.

Look for a renewed emphasis on Cyber Security both nationally and in the home! We are just now seeing the tip-of-the-iceberg on the pervasive Russian hacking to influence our election and influence our democratic institutions!
"OK, hold on to your seat!" Fashion shows in Paris and New York featured 1980's inspired fashion! "Say it isn't so!" The color magenta was hot along with deep fuschias and shocking pinks!

If 80's fashion gets traction in the market it will be "Dynasty" all over again

I laughed out loud when I saw this image of men's fashion from the 1980's! Sorry,...NOT going there!

Speaking of the 1980's, Guns'N Roses will be back touring at big arenas in 2017. How about the big hair!

2017 will be a fascinating journey! 

Images: Dick Gentry, Design Options, Wired, BGR, Stuffed, Fashion Gone Rogue, Global Leader Summit, Men's Fashion Magazine, Glory News, Stylecaster, PC Magazine

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


We all want to have more control of our lives and be in charge of the beast rather than just being along, reluctantly, for the ride! 2017 will be a year of great opportunities both personally and in our business lives. Though the New Year will offer new challenges there will also be some interesting, transformative options ahead. We must scan the 2017 terrain with a clear lens, list our options, and set our course toward success.

There is a new game in town with the dawn of the Trump presidency and a heavily Republican Congress. No matter what your political stripe is, the future will bring change and opportunities. It is important to channel your talents and energies to where you want to be. Some of you will see the political changes as an occasion to pursue a new strategy and possibly rebrand. Others may find 2017 the catalyst to pursue social activism and volunteerism. Female and healthcare oriented issues will find new energy in the year ahead.

2017 will be a new playing field, so be curious about everything. Be an information sponge and soak in everything you see, read, watch, and feel. Question everything as naivete is a thing of the past in this new era. The difference between "fake news"  and  real news is sometimes cloudy. Ask yourself "why new things are happening." Look for patterns and links between new ideas, thoughts, and attitudes.  Use social media in a new and informative way, seeking ideas, innovations, and trends. Study Google Zeitgeist. It is a snapshot in time of what people are searching on Google all over the world. It is an fascinating way to get behind the scenes data and statistics.

Hang out with new and interesting people to get out of your bubble. 

2017 is the perfect time to explore places out of your comfort zone. Travel is not only a means to see the world, but also a brilliant time for the percolation and clarification of new personal directions.

For those of you in the interior design community, 2017 may be your break out year. Will the trends head to a retro grand-luxe shift inspired by Donald Trump's Maralago, or will you head in a simpler, more modernistic direction?
Remember that major trends are always a confluence of smaller trends. Scan for counter-trends which may blossom into something important.
Whatever you do in 2017 a "Success Map" of written weekly goals will help you make the year productive and special. Don't beat yourself up if you fail on your weekly or monthly goals. Be ready to change and pivot. Whatever you do make it simple, but effective.

Images: Dick Gentry, CJ Walker, Group 41