Monday, October 26, 2015

Orange & Spice - Colors of the Fall Season

To many creatives, Fall is the most exciting time of the year with vibrant oranges, yellows, & reds blazing brightly.  We are teased with colorful displays which seem to change by the day, reminding us of the transitory season of nature. The marigolds in the Dallas Arboretum are especially exciting this year!

Many of the fabrics in the Wesco Fabrics' Fall collection are inspired by vibrancy of nature. The appliqued fabric at the bottom is Scroll Works, color Henna. In the middle is Moab, color Tangerine. At the top is Wild animal, color Copper.

This sensational sunrise in Sanur Bali is truly amazing in it's intensity.

Pattern Fellowship, color spice, is a wonderful blend of seasonal colorations.

Cotton yarns dyed a deep orange hang up to dry in a Souk in Marrakech.

Our favorite colorations of Fall can be seen every day in spice markets around the world. At the bottom, Swirls And Swirls, Saffron. Next is Spokane, Ochre. The colored slub fabric is Kingsley, Ginger. At the top is Tacoma, Amber.

Cone shaped spices on sale in a Souk in Marrakech.

We finish our visual journey of Fall & Spice colors with this grouping. At the bottom is Basket Weave, color Clay. The heavy texture is Common Ground, color Cayenne. The colored slub is Kingsley, color Rustic. At the top is a hand-woven Ikat, pattern Pecos, color Autumn.

Image credit: Dick Gentry

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