Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2016 Trendspotting Continued

October's New York Fashion Week provided inspiration to designers of Home Furnishings for their 2016 style directions. Look for pinks, black, and orange, along with beautiful blues.

 Pantone presented beautiful 2016 Fashion shades. 

 Pantone's Rose Quartz is a wonderful new shade for Fashion and the Home.

   Hot pink was in abundance at the C.R. Laine Furniture showroom at the October      
   High Point Furniture Market. Interior designer Tobi Fairley helped design this very 
   cool mid-century design vignette. 

   Designer Lynda Quintero-Davids scanned the High Point Market for 2016 directions.    Blues were shown everywhere!

   White & gold were featured from a number of manufacturers and add glamorous   
   sophisticated style.

   ***Check out the latest designs and colors of decorative fabrics & custom 
   hardware from Wesco Fabrics, a leading boutique supplier to interior designers 
   and window fashion designers since 1946.

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  1. Love this new space you've started Dick!!
    Hey I see they have brought back mauve or pink!!! Yikes
    Almost had a flashback to the 90's there for a minute.