Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 Marla's Mom & Dad, Joline & Harry Weiss, were featured in this 1958 newspaper article about fabric & color trends. They began Wesco Fabrics in 1946 with only $4000 in capital, lots of hard work & passion. By 1958 they were supplying drapery stores & decorators in 30 states with drapery fabrics, draperies & bedding, bamboo shades & Venetian blinds. It is fascinating to see Joline's observations of styles & trends!

 By 1958 she was seeing the "soft richness and the gleam of damask & satins again." In her view, " polished cotton is the leader in color & styling." It is interesting to find metallic yarns making an appearance in drapery fabrics.

By the late 1950's they started traveling to Japan & Europe to source woven bamboo materials & decorative drapery fabrics. She saw the color "purple" emerging on the scene and saw "Earth tones & browns in high style."

This is Joline's new office at 4000 Forest Street in Denver in 1958, across the street from our present warehouse. I love the mid-century modern furniture, the drop lighting, and the outline quilted fabric print used as wallcovering. She was definitely a pioneer in her field as there were very few women sourcing fabrics in New York at the time when it was definitely a "men's club." She had a uncanny sense of what fabrics would sell. Some suppliers at the time told us a few of our competitors would ask, "Show me what Joline is buying!" She would love all the blues seen in fabrics today as that was her favorite color.

The "Joline & Harry" recipe for success: "Hard work, sometimes 16 hour days; putting everything back in the business to make it grow, & keeping an eye on trends."

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