Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Roar of the Panther

The panther has symbolized luxury and glamour in fashion and home furnishings since the early 20th century and famously used by Cartier for exotic jewelry designs. It arrives on the design scene either with a purr,...or a roar, always with an impressive entrance!

In 1914 Cartier commissioned famous fashion illustrator George Barbier to create "La Femme a la Panthere" for an exhibition card and later for ads in the 1920's.

This bracelet watch was created in 1914 and was the first use of the"panther-skin" motif.

Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed La Panthere, photographed in 1920, was an early friend of Cartier and later served as the fashion director from 1933 to 1970. She was a lover of the exotic and even had panther carpets in her Paris apartment.  Her panther inspired designs were coveted by sophisticated clients around the world.

I spotted this panther vest in a tiny Palais Royale boutique in Paris, L'Escalier d'Argent. Though obviously on the flamboyant side I had to have it! The owner,

Madame Danou Jacquard is direct descendant of the Jacquard family, the inventors of the Jacquard weaving loom. Many of the fabrics in our Wesco Fabrics's line are woven on Jacquard looms.

Panther inspired fabric, Extinct, color Peace, is from Luxe Life in our Gentry Collection.

Zoolander in colors Safari & Slate, are fun new cotton prints in our Vacation collection from Wesco Fabrics.

For a "purrfectly" fun & colorful animal design try our pattern Covent Garden , Chartruese, from our Gentry Collection book, World Bazaar.

***A MUST see film on the Cartier panther and beautifully created 3 minute experience!

Images: Cartier, Dick Gentry 

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