Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Design Trends: Past, Present, & Future

Wesco Fabrics' founders, Joline & Harry Weiss, preview new drapery prints in the 1950's. Design trends come and go and are constantly evolving. Come along on this visual journey of "Design Trends: Past, Present & Future."  

Decorative fabrics in the PRESENT moment feature gorgeous blues, grays, off-whites, & gold. We love these Wesco Fabrics designs and they will continue to be important for years to come! 

We love today's soothing hues of ivories, whites, and blues. Nicholas Lawrence designed this lovely bedroom with a wonderful light touch.

 This dining room exemplifies the perfect look for today's stylish living. I have been thinking a lot about what we will see  as we turn the pages of tomorrow's design magazines. We will continue to see beautiful rooms like this one but I believe we also will see the color knob turned up for more saturation & vibrancy.

The future will bring new textile constructions to excite the consumer.

The future will bring more color & pattern excitement, with interiors featuring a stunning mix of furniture, fabric, and artifact. The top image is the vibrant & new Dorian restaurant designed by Shelly Amoroso in San Francisco. The bottom image is a stunningly colorful dining room by top Denver designer, Andrea Schumacher.

Elle Decor foresees "Bright Baroque" as a near future trend.

Future trends are always influenced by art & fashion. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute features a blockbuster exhibition "China: Through The Looking Glass" which will surely inspire tomorrow's design. Look for a resurgence in chinoiserie.

Forecasting future home furnishing trends is always a difficult venture. Will we see  re-purposed industrial chic in our interiors? Will we see more craft and artisan inspired products? Stay tuned as this is a fascinating & colorful journey.

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