Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Perfect Fabric For Custom Window Coverings

Beautiful window coverings begin with the selection of fabrics which have the right color, fiber content, & construction suitable to your design. There are many important aspects to the selection process and an understanding of fabrics can insure a beautiful installation you and your client will love. 

- Fabrics are woven with either natural fibers like cotton, linen, & silk, or synthetic fibers like polyester & rayon, etc. Each fiber has it's own characteristic which may effect the way your window covering project will look.

- Many polyester blended fabrics have a tendency to flare. Some clients don't like flaring while others see as a look of elegance. We recommend "memory-stitching" on custom draperies if this is an issue. Memory stitching helps, but doesn't eliminate flaring. Be sure your client understands how the fabric will perform so you can head off future problems.

- Linen blended fabrics are very popular today, but they often wrinkle even after ironing and starching.

- Loosely woven, open weave fabrics may lengthen with gravity, heat and humidity.

- Know where your custom window coverings are installing as there may be environmental issue to contend with. Are there heating vents or a baseboard heater or extreme sunlight where the draperies will hang? Synthetic fabric, especially polyester fabrics, are often sensitive to heat and may shrink or pucker.  Humidity may cause lengthening.

- Will the custom window coverings be in the bedroom? Light control is very important in this case and will be helped with blackout linings like "Blackout" or room darkening linings such as "Atlas". Atlas is a favorite as it darkens the room and also adds very nice body to the fabric. If the client is VERY sensitive to light we recommend the addition of a cornice over the drapery rod.

- Draperies going in rooms with intensive sun need to be lined to protect from fading & deterioration.  Fabrics made from "silk" definitely need to be lined!

- All fabric will vary in dyelot from bolt to bolt and sometimes in the same bolt. If dyelot is critical then request a "CFA" , "cutting for approval", so you have the actual dyelot form the bolt. "CFA's" are important if you are trying to add widow coverings to an older, previous order.

- We may request "CUTS" on your order if we encounter flaws or other issues when we inspect before fabrication. This is requested when you making multiple width draperies.

- Our customer's favorite linings are...
"Sussex or Sateen" for a good general lining to add body and to help with sunlight control.
"Atlas" is a huge favorite for room darkening, adding body to the drapery without the black pinhole that can appear with other "blackout" linings.
"Blackout or Lights Out" for a good blackout lining.

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- Cynthia at our Denver Design District showroom.
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www.wescofabrics.com ...for more information & images of decorative fabrics & window covering.

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