Monday, January 4, 2016


Pantone is the world's leading color matching company and is used for color direction by designers of fashion, fabrics, all the way to kitchen appliances. The system helps manufacturers define color precisely. If you are passionate about color how would you like to stay in a hotel room with your favorite Pantone colors? You can you know, but you'll have to travel to Brussels!  The Pantone Hotel opened in Brussels in 2010. Designed by Michel Penneman, the hotel is a riot of Pantone colors!

As a guest you can even use one of their bicycles to explore the city. You guessed 
it,...yes, those are Pantone colors!

Each of the seven floors is designed around a carefully created color palette. Choose a room to fit your mood, whether subdued or revved up!

Is that a Pantone color on the coffee mug? You bet! Brussels has embraced new and modern designs for years making the city an exciting mix of ancient buildings and contemporary design.

The creative community always enjoys the color of the year forecasts. Leatrice Eiseman and her Pantone team chose two colors, a pastel pairing of  "Rose Quartz & Serenity" for their 2016 Colors of the year.  Whether we'll see a lot of this combination in the year ahead remains to be seen. Industry experts feel "Rose Quartz" may be a problem when used by itself, especially for men. Ms. Eiseman says the colors are so often seen together they are a natural & serene pairing.

For color junkies I've included Pantone Colors of the Year going back to 2001. 

***Click on the link for a video tour of the Pantone Hotel:

Images: Pantone, Pantone Hotel Brussels

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