Tuesday, April 5, 2016


It was 7am and I was ready to start shopping. This was our first trip back to Bali since 2014 and we were ready to purchase fabulous finds for Wesco Fabrics.  Many of our furniture suppliers are not far from our hotel in Legian so as soon as our agent arrives we are off. Come along as I share a few things we found. Our Bali container should arrive at our Denver warehouse in early summer.

We purchased a number of fabulous cocktail tables made from polished Lychee wood with dark edges on stainless steel bases. They were a little expensive but really have a dramatic look!

We sold out all our petrified wood tables so we selected quite a few in various colors and sizes.

We hand selected a number of petrified wood slabs to be placed on stainless steel bases.

Marla finishes with an order for unique teak root bowls.

We have been shopping with this supplier in Kerobokan for many years.

The Balinese are famous for finding new uses for old pieces of wood from homes, factories, or from the forest. We found some stools/tables made of old teak gears from a sugar cane mill.

These onyx and marble sculptures were amazing! We had to buy some. Perfect for placement inside or in a garden.

We found primitive benches from the island of Sumba.

We prepared for this day by spraying ourselves like crazy as there are hundreds of mosquitoes around all the stone carvings! It is like a jungle in this place, but we have been customers for years and knew we would find what we were looking for!

The last time we bought these teak root and molten glass containers we sold out in weeks of arrival in the warehouse! They would look great with some orchids don't you think? Marla has her dibs on one of these.

Our agent turned us on to a new supplier up in the highlands in Mas. There are oodles of wood furniture suppliers all over Bali with quality and pricing ranging from A to Z. Some are easy to work with and some are impossible. Often we find there isn't anyone on site for us to work with. We loved this company and ended up buying many great pieces from them!

This teak root console had our name on it for sure!

I love to watch the craftsmanship and hard work by Balinese workers.

I am sure Marla is thinking, "Dick...please settle on the price as it is stifling in here!"

Returning to our hotel after a day of shopping we noticed the offering decorations for the Nyepi festivities had been hung.

We finished filling our Bali container with really interesting & fabulous finds! After all the heat & humidity, exhausting bargaining, mosquitoes, and torrential downpours,...it was time for a cocktail and to reflect on what we accomplished. This has been our 21 first visit to Bali buying products for Wesco Fabrics. We have traveled here with family, customers, and our friends. We feel blessed for all the experiences and amazing memories!

Meet our friends as we shop for fabulous finds in Bali.

We shop for stone carvings in Bali with the sounds of song birds.

Marla always wanted to visit Bali as her parents visited the island in the early 1960's. I was hooked after watching the Blair brothers incredible 1987 documentary, "Ring Of Fire, An Indonesian Odyssey." I've included a segment with their experiences in Bali. If you have some time it is definitely worth watching! Lorne Blair has since passed away but we were fortunate to connect with Lawrence for cocktails on an early Bali trip.


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