Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 I am an evolving man. Lately I have been delving a bit more into the world of self discovery. I am grateful for whatever "secret sauce" I have which will assist me on the journey to a future "next." Often I am not quite sure what that is at times. I am sure many of you think about such things as well. We all are made of such a unique and complicated stew of personal qualities, both emotional and physical. Many of us have spent years in a career providing a sense of self-worth & identity, as well as remuneration. I love this world! I hope what I have learned through victories and failures will guide me on the road ahead. Here are a few ingredients in my "secret sauce." I would love for you to share some of yours.

I wish to always be inquisitive and resourceful. 

I always want to find beauty wherever I am.

 I always want to explore roads less traveled, substituting fear for a sense of wonder. There is always something beautiful and joyous on these paths.

I want to share my travel knowledge of the amazing journeys I have been fortunate enough to have taken.  My daughter thinks I should monetize what I have learned in a lifetime of world travel. Actually, I really just love sharing what I have learned!

Not to boast, but I think I do have a talent for sourcing the "good stuff' whether in the world of decorative fabrics and home furnishings at Wesco Fabrics, or food and wine. Of course it helps to network with other seekers like style maven, Irene Turner, who led me to the amazing "Wild Flour Bread" in Freestone, California. "Oh yes, it was fantastic!"

The most important ingredient in my "secret sauce" is of course Marla, my fellow traveler and spirit guide. We are all adding ingredients to this recipe. Why not share a few of your ingredients?

Images: Dick Gentry

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