Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Anyone who has been in the design business for awhile has witnessed the fleeting nature of trends. What is hot & cool for one moment is yesterday's news the next. Impermanence seems to be the new normal. "Millennials" appear to be following a different purchasing path for home furnishings than the "Boomers" before them. "Experiences" over having "Things" may be the Millennial's mantra,...at least for the moment. Last month Marla and I were on a quest to find new products for Wesco Fabrics which both generational groups would like. It is always a difficult equation as trends are more in flux than ever!

Marla showed me an article in last Saturday's Denver Post about a local apparel retailer closing it's doors after 44 years. It was a fascinating read! "High-waisted jeans were in, and then out, and then in again. Men's neckties were narrow, wide, and then narrow again. I've seen everything come and go about three times," the owner said. We see the same thing with fabrics, window coverings, and furniture. 

Wesco Fabrics' founders, Harry & Joline Weiss, said in 1951, "We are seeing a trend for a boom in fabrics in decorating windows away from Venetian blinds." Many of us have seen this trend come & go about three times as well. "Simplicity" appears to be on trend today.

My crystal ball is cloudy about what tomorrow will look like in our industry, but we do know "trends are in flux." This is a challenging, but supremely interesting time!

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