Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Let's leave our office and ramp up our creative juices with new inspirations. Just getting away from our "normal" can help us revitalize. Traveling helps me see colors and design with a new perspective. I try to slow down and just look around. Come along as we see our world with fresh eyes.The image above are mesmerizing jelly fish in colored lights at the California Museum of Science in San Francisco.

Spiritual patina on a Buddha sculpture.

Color variety on buildings. I love individuality! 

Unexpected hues on the cliffs and the sea.

Multi-colored exhilarating vistas. This one is the Orcia Valley seen from Pienza in Tuscany.

Ancient brick walls create a beautiful design tapestry.

Window shop,... anywhere. There is so much creativity in store design around the globe.

Up close with doors.

Spend quiet time in a garden and just let your thoughts flow freely.

The ocean at sunset or sunrise is a magical event.

Look closely. These ancient stone columns tell amazingly visual stories.

Breath deeply and quietly watch the world change in front of you.

Juxtaposition of new and old.

Unbelievably verdant rice terraces in Bali. Soaking in the green.

Let's see where this path goes. A magical tunnel of flowers and vegetables.

Zooming in we see a different world. A butterfly alights on a Chihuly glass sculpture.

Images: Dick Gentry

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