Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Garden parties seem to be more popular than ever with more people wanting to be outside. With a little creativity you can add personalized flair to enhance your event, whether a table for one or many. A beautiful table almost always begins with flowers.

You can have a creative flower arrangement on the table,or...just be surrounded by flowers naturally!

Make your table an exotic wonderland with your creative signature. I love this arrangement!

A fabulous table for one or many is definitely enhanced with votives to add romance. This event at the Beaulieu Garden in Napa incorporated chandeliers to really add elegance!

I'm ready for a great outdoor table set for two! "Shall I pour the wine?"

Add elements of surprise with unique themes for your table design.

Set up an adjacent table for hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and even the main course.

It doesn't have to fancy but it does have to look beautiful and fun!

My Mom says "Champagne is a must ingredient for garden parties!" She always has great ideas! Love the lights in the tree!

Pick out a beautiful fabric for a table cloth. You don't even need to hem it! Our Wesco Fabric's ENCORE department (Open M-F 9am-3pm to the trade at 4001 Forest Street in Denver.) has thousands of yards of discounted fabrics beginning at $4.00 a yard. A few yards of a great fabric will really help make your table fabulous! The pink and green embroidery is "Lasting Friendships color Vanilla." "The yellow and green jacquard is "Keaton color Celedon."

Images: Dick Gentry, iki kum tanesi, homeshoppingspy, Got Light.

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