Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Millennials have surpassed the Baby Boomers as our nations largest living generation. These 18 - 34 year olds represent a huge opportunity for those of us in the home furnishing industry,...as well as a giant challenge. This generation is highly educated, often well traveled, and surprisingly sophisticated, ...but many are still saddled with student debt and often are still in search of a high paying job. They are way more technically savvy than preceding generations and the internet is their "brick and mortar" store.  Many don't want their parents' interiors, instead desiring more personalized, original interior products. They "buy less, choosing well." Millennials enjoy mixing modern, sleek lines with rustic looks. The juxtaposition of light & dark, natural wood & modern steel of the table above is a perfect example
Interior designers should offer fabrics and furniture which will not be found at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn. The fabrics above are exclusives from our "Natural Light" collection at Wesco Fabrics.

This is a great look for Millennials. The pattern is our exclusive, Twirl Me Around color Mica. Modern with lots of weaving character.

We hope everyone will love this modern style concrete sink.

Unique style is loved by Millennials and this repurposed teak root console satisfies their design sensibilities on many levels.

They love the idea of art on their walls. You won't find this at the neighborhood shopping mall. 

Rustic wood and steel.
Marble Sculpture on a stand. Perfect for a Millennial's interior or garden.

A large polished petrified wood slab on a steel table has the look.

Grey tones are Millennial favorites at the moment. These are in  "Jacquard House" from our Gentry Collection at Wesco Fabrics.

It will be very interesting to see how this generation evolves, especially in the realm of home furnishing.

Images: Dick Gentry

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