Tuesday, June 21, 2016


My last post "HAPPINESS AND LIVING A LONG, FULFILLING LIFE" was just the beginning in a life quest for an evolved, optimistic, and happy life. Marla is an avid "Super Soul Sunday" viewer and said I would really enjoy seeing Oprah's show with Shawn Achor. Shawn has spent most of his adult life studying "Happiness" research and teaching classes at Harvard and in the business community on the subject.

I think he really nails down the meaning of "Happiness."

I have trained for difficult athletic events ever since high school. It makes perfect sense for the need to train our brains just like we train our bodies! 

The positive steps to take to increase the positive trajectory of our life are based on these studies. From this research, Achor developed correlating happiness habits.

I picked up many great ideas from his Super Soul Sunday session at UCLA:

- "Optimism is part of our daily spiritual experience."

- "Decreasing negative media is important. 3 minutes of negative news can negatively change your attitude all day!" This is a hard for me,...especially in these times!

- Negativity, anxiety, and stress is like "second-hand smoke."

- "Eye contact & smiling is infectious." It really works!

***This is a really great speech on Happiness by Shawn Achor!

Super Soul Sunday Oprah session with Shawn Achor at UCLA.

Images: Super Soul Sunday, Shawn Achor

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