Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Our Wesco Fabrics container from Bali has just arrived in our Denver warehouse, and we felt like it was Christmas in July! It was only three months ago when we were hunting for exciting new furniture and accessories in Bali. Our target market for this trip are young style-oriented professionals who love unique wood and steel furniture. See my past blog on the "millennial"consumer. We really found some cool & fresh things! Come along with me for a sneak peek.

Fabulous woods like Lychee, Teak root, and Tamarind are re-purposed as cocktail, end tables, and consoles. 

These incredible Lychee wood cocktail tables with burnt edges will sit on stainless steel bases. They are stunning!

What should we open next? We have lots of large polished petrified wood tables; full polished tables, and polished petrified wood slabs on stainless and black steel.

We have an assortment of large and small Buddha & Hindu deity sculptures hand-carved from stone.

More Lychee wood cocktail tables.

We have 6 large Teak root console tables.

Our design customers love our Teak root chairs, and we found oodles of amazing ones!

Can't wait to see how our customers use our new terrariums with molten glass bowls.

This is one of the largest teak root serving trays I've seen! It's about 48" long! It would be great for a party!

Our supplier found these Teak tables/stools in an old sugar cane mill.

I've never seen sculptures like these on previous trips, so we bought a number of them made from onyx and marble. They will be perfect for outside in a garden or inside.

We have an exciting assortment of natural stone sinks and a few modern concrete styles.

We are still unwrapping and hope to have all these beauties out at the warehouse and our Denver Design District showroom soon. I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you have any questions please contact me.

Wesco Fabrics

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