Tuesday, July 5, 2016


We are smack dab in the competition season with our Olympic swimming and track & field trials. The 113th running of the Tour de France has begun it's three week torturous route around France. I've been thinking  about the euphoria of winning, and the sadness of those so close to the podium finish. Often the difference is hundredths of a second or inches.  In a way we are all in our own personal competitions, striving for happiness and success, doing well in our career, being a good person and a having a meaningful life. There are always challenges, bumps in the road,...even a "false start" or two,... but we race on!

Watching a race like the Tour de France one may think it is only about the individual winner,...but it really takes a team and a coordinated effort to get across the finish line first. I am grateful to have a team supporting and helping me in this race of life! Thank you!

The ecstasy of winning! I know this feeling...and I also know what it feels like to lose. I hate it,...but we have no choice except to dust our self off,...and keep going. As the expression goes; "Fall down once,...get up twice." Although we might not stand at the top of the podium in our personal races, we can still feel the satisfaction of giving it our best in everything we do. 
My new motto: "Never afraid to try...never afraid to fail!"

***Agony and ecstasy. Watch how close the finish is for the men's 50 meter freestyle at this year's Olympic swim trials.

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