Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Furniture Today, a trade magazine for the furniture industry, featured a great article in their August issue on furniture & technology.  More manufacturers are looking at integrating technology into the chair or sofa to add value and differentiate their product. I chatted with our manager in our Denver Design District Wesco Fabrics showroom about what clients are looking for in furniture today. She said "motion" is hot and once they experience "power motion" they absolutely love it!" She is referring to our Bradington Young leather furniture line.  Many of their chairs, sofas, and home theater seating is available in "Luxury Motion" which will power recline with the touch of an almost hidden button. Our Bradington Young "Newman Sofa" features a full power recline at both arms.

The Bradington Young"  Newman Sofa has a cool look and features hidden recliners and power buttons for a smooth recline. Two people can now power recline to the position perfect for them.

The Newman Sofa shown at our Denver Wesco Fabrics' showroom disguises it's full power motion technology.

Check out this Youtube video on Bradington Young power motion.

Smart Furniture is being developed to be total command centers similar to a commercial aircraft pilots seat. 
Look for these features now and in the near future:
- Charge your phone with charging ports and even wireless charging. 
-Tactile sound motion. You will really feel the action of the movie you are watching.
- Memory presets to store your favorite positions.
- Voice recognition/command systems to operate your furniture and your home entertainment center. It will be just like using "Siri" or a Amazon "Echo" for commanding you total Smart Home,...and your Smart FURNITURE!

IMAGES: Dick Gentry, Bradington Young Furniture


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