Tuesday, September 6, 2016


HAPPY LABOR DAY! I salute all who do labor! You may be working on a job, taking care of children, or caring for the elderly or the sick. Some may work multiple jobs. You all deserve special recognition for all your hard work! I also appreciate our fine team at Wesco Fabrics

We are blessed with a team of artisan seamstresses who truly care about their work and making our customers happy. Thank you!

I also give a loud "thank you" to all who work in our Cut Yardage Department. 

On this Labor Day Holiday I want to give thanks to the hardest worker I have ever met,...Marla! There is no task too difficult or complicated for this amazing woman! She is a force to reckon with!

Marla received hard working genes from her mom and dad. Joline is pictured above at her desk at Wesco Fabrics in the 1960's. I remember when I first started at Wesco Fabrics and wanted to leave the office at 5pm one day. Marla's dad asked me if I was feeling ill for wanting to go so early!

Labor is brain power, innovation, risk, and...just plain hard work. Someone begins with a dream and then the work begins. I am always amazed at what we as a country have accomplished over the decades. I salute all who can go out on a limb and tighten the bolts!

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