Tuesday, September 20, 2016


You are having a first look at one of my crystal table lamps I just made. I've loved minerals ever since I was a boy and the passion for crystals remains to this day!

I collaborated on making unique table lamps with our daughter Stacy last year. The hardest part was sourcing just the perfect mineral specimen.  This was her first table lamp made from a fabulous Amethyst slice and I think it is gorgeous!

Our Wesco Fabrics showroom at the Denver Design District just received a traveling show of Stacy's Lauren Kate Design jewelry. She has a gift of finding precious crystals and minerals which adapt beautifully to jewelry. The Denver Design District is having a special "Designer Sale" Tuesday and Wednesday this week and to the public Thursday and Friday. Please come by as our showroom is stocked with many fabulous pieces! 

I'm bringing over 30 pieces of wonderful crystal specimens to our Denver showroom. Interior designers love to use them in accessorizing interiors. I have incredible Amethyst towers and large display pieces. The collection will include Citrine, Quartz crystals, Quartz geodes, Selenite towers, and fossil plaques. I hate to see them leave our warehouse as they're so beautiful! The piece de resistance is an incredible side table made from a large agate slice on a steel base!

Marla and I have been importing a different type of "precious stones",... petrified wood from Indonesia. This console table is made from a mosaic of large pieces of polished petrified wood on a stainless base.

This is our last crystal table lamp in our showroom. It is made from a stunning piece of Amethyst and sits regally on an acrylic base.

These are our personal talismans; "precious stones" which give us peace and clarity.

I found this Amethyst specimen years ago and knew I had to have it. A love of crystals is difficult to explain, but you understand it when it resonates on a deep, almost spiritual level.
Designers love the newest containers of furniture & accessories Marla and I sourced on our last buying trip. We brought in an amazing assortment of twenty million-year-old polished petrified wood on steel bases and whole polished trunks.

We found a jewelry artist in Bali and purchased a number of his fabulous creations.

Aren't these pieces from Lauren Kate Design wonderful? The "precious stones" are electroformed with 24 karat gold and the solid chains are 24 karat gold plated over Sterling silver. The semi-precious stone chains are fantastic!

She mixed an Amethyst slice with gold rings for a stylish look.

I love this turquoise pendant!

Amethyst is extremely powerful and it is loved for spiritual protection and purification. Some believe it cleanses one's energy field of negative influences and attachments. It is sought after for promoting calm, balance, and peace.

***Great video from MINERAL EXPLORERS searching for Amethyst in Bolivia.
This shows how difficult it is to find beautiful Amethyst crystals.

***All images by Dick Gentry

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