Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Crystals & minerals have been used in fashion and home decoration for hundreds of years. Many interior designers use crystal and mineral specimens as fabulous home accents. They have amazing aesthetic properties and some attribute unique metaphysical characteristics for each stone. These incredible quartz crystals have just arrived in our Denver Wesco Fabrics' showroom. Quartz is known as a strong healing crystal. 

I fell in love these Agate slice table lamps. Agate enhances creativity and harmony, and we all need those qualities!

These large Amethyst Towers are very dramatic and will make a strong visual impact in any design.  Amethyst is known to provide peace, emotional protection, and healing. 

A console table made from pieces of 20 million year old polished petrified wood on a stainless steel base beautifully displays specimens of purple amethyst on large acrylic bases.

Marla and I purchased many polished petrified wood tables on our last showroom buying trip. Designers from coast to coast love using them for side tables and decorative accents. Metaphysical properties include grounding, strength, support. and connection with the energies of the earth.  Petrified wood comes from the Greek root "petro" meaning rock or stone. Over millions of years underground trees have literally turned into a stone, usually quartz.

Lovers of crystals and minerals often have personal talismans on display to provide beauty and energy.

My daughter Stacy and I collaborated on these fabulous crystal table lamps on acrylic bases. The polished agate slices provide creativity & harmony.

This large Amethyst crystal exudes energy!

Stacy inherited my love for crystals and designed many incredible jewelry pieces for her Lauren Kate collection of jewelry. We carry a selection in our Denver showroom.

Black Amethyst (Healing), White Druzy, Fluorite crystal (Order & clarity) are shown at the the top and a surperbly beautlful Chrysocolla pendant (Tranquility & peace) at the bottom.

Love this large purple Amethyst specimen!

Stacy's dining room table displays some of the crystal table lamps we made.  We decided we just don't have enough time to continue making them. There are just too many steps: One has to source the perfect specimens (Not easy!), have a lapidary cut the bases with a diamond saw, find the acrylic bases and lamp hardware, and attach the specimens using a special ultra violet gluing technique. If you have interest in the remaining pieces, please contact me at : dickgentry@wescofabrics.com.

IMAGES: Dick Gentry

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