Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 A bakery caught my eye on a visit to see my Mom in Concord, California. We parked the car and walked in and something miraculous happened,....for an instant I was transported to a sugar sweet nirvana of unbelievably wonderful cookies, cakes, and pastries! I almost had to pinch myself to make sure it wasn't a dream! It wasn't a dream,...it was the amazing Alpine Pastry & Cakes!

 They were stocked with every imaginable delectable Christmas and Holiday creation. In Denver area near where we live, great bakeries are rare indeed! Many have gone out of business. Pastry experts and bakers emigrated to the U.S. from France, Italy, Switzerland, and Poland in the early years of the 20th century. Many thrived while others couldn't take the long hours and low margins.

 The owner's of Alpine Pastry & Cakes were trained and certified in Switzerland. They have passed down their expertise and creativity to their fine team in Concord.

 During the Christmas and Holiday Season, the store is a place to marvel and slowly browse the rows of dream delicacies, seasonal pies, butter horns & pinwheels, crisps, and eclairs. There are fudge filled cakes, cupcakes to admire, and raspberry swirling everywhere. For world travelers, they have a vast array of Napoleons, Palmiers, Florentines & Japonais, Tiramisu slices, and kaleidoscopic French macaroons.

Did I mention their Christmas cookies?

  I loved the fantasy Gingerbread Houses dripping with sweet snow, and their Christmas boxes filled with an array of cookies!

 The Snowman Hat cake looks fantastic!

 A small sampler of Holiday treats. At some bakeries, the cookies and pastries look much better than they taste. At The Alpine it is the other way around!

 Chocolate Cream Rolls!

 Marla spied the Princess Cakes and we had to buy some. Few places make it and it tastes fantastic with the layers of cake with raspberry and cream, all topped with a delicate layer of green ("Ah...Pantone's Color Of The Year!) Marzipan!!!

 Cherry pinwheels!

How true this statement is! I support you to visit Alpine Pastry & Cakes if you are in the Bay Area. Bakeries and pastry shops need your support! Help them out and you will reward a wonderful and sweet artisan craft.
I have visited pastry shops throughout Paris, Italy, Germany, and Belgium, Denver, San Francisco, New York City,......and I must say The Alpine is among the very the best!

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