Tuesday, January 3, 2017


We all want to have more control of our lives and be in charge of the beast rather than just being along, reluctantly, for the ride! 2017 will be a year of great opportunities both personally and in our business lives. Though the New Year will offer new challenges there will also be some interesting, transformative options ahead. We must scan the 2017 terrain with a clear lens, list our options, and set our course toward success.

There is a new game in town with the dawn of the Trump presidency and a heavily Republican Congress. No matter what your political stripe is, the future will bring change and opportunities. It is important to channel your talents and energies to where you want to be. Some of you will see the political changes as an occasion to pursue a new strategy and possibly rebrand. Others may find 2017 the catalyst to pursue social activism and volunteerism. Female and healthcare oriented issues will find new energy in the year ahead.

2017 will be a new playing field, so be curious about everything. Be an information sponge and soak in everything you see, read, watch, and feel. Question everything as naivete is a thing of the past in this new era. The difference between "fake news"  and  real news is sometimes cloudy. Ask yourself "why new things are happening." Look for patterns and links between new ideas, thoughts, and attitudes.  Use social media in a new and informative way, seeking ideas, innovations, and trends. Study Google Zeitgeist. It is a snapshot in time of what people are searching on Google all over the world. It is an fascinating way to get behind the scenes data and statistics.

Hang out with new and interesting people to get out of your bubble. 

2017 is the perfect time to explore places out of your comfort zone. Travel is not only a means to see the world, but also a brilliant time for the percolation and clarification of new personal directions.

For those of you in the interior design community, 2017 may be your break out year. Will the trends head to a retro grand-luxe shift inspired by Donald Trump's Maralago, or will you head in a simpler, more modernistic direction?
Remember that major trends are always a confluence of smaller trends. Scan for counter-trends which may blossom into something important.
Whatever you do in 2017 a "Success Map" of written weekly goals will help you make the year productive and special. Don't beat yourself up if you fail on your weekly or monthly goals. Be ready to change and pivot. Whatever you do make it simple, but effective.

Images: Dick Gentry, CJ Walker, Group 41

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