Tuesday, January 17, 2017


 There are oodles of cellphone apps for our iPhones and Android phones, but here are a number of must-have apps for 2017. What's on your phone?

Marla loves her WAZE app and uses it almost every day on the way to and home from work. When traffic is a mess, it offers options to get to where you need to go fast! In SanFranncisco Waze warned us of a "pothole ahead" before I drove into it and had a flat tire!

WebMD is a great app for diagnosing ailments, researching medical information, and instructions for dealing with emergencies and so much more!

There are many weather apps, but Weather Underground is my favorite for accuracy locally or around the world.

Flipboard is a great app for building your own social media magazine to keep up with all your personal interests. Love politics, photography, or puppies? Build your Flipboard with all your favorites.

Huffington Post is my daily go to site for politics, style, travel, and lifestyle news. A bit left-leaning, but very comprehensive and fact-based journalism. A favorite of mine.

I click on my BBC News app for world news. Their coverage is amazingly broad and features regions that don't receive much attention in the U.S.

This is a free app to improve your photography.

Spotify is a free music streaming site to hear your favorite artist and discover new music. On their free service you may get ads between songs, but the features are still pretty cool.

Slacker Radio is another well-regarded music app.

Downcast is a very good podcast downloader. Small cost at $2.99. Take your favorite podcast with you wherever you go.

Yelp is a really handy app for searching for restaurants and services in your area. Favorites are listed along with reviews.

After you have selected the restaurant you want to try, click on OpenTable to complete your reservation. You acquire points with each reservation to then use for a credit. It can add up pretty fast.

You have your dinner reservation and you are in the mood for a glass or two. Don't risk driving. Take Uber or Lyft to your destination. Have fun!

Cyclemeter receives very high marks for tracking, maps, & recording your rides. There is a free version but for $9.95 you can get all the bells and whistles. There is even a feature for indoor cycling on a stationary bike. iPhone only at this point.

Mint is one of the best personal finance managers with spreads sheets on your expenditures and budgets.

I hope you try some of these apps on your phone. Enjoy!

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